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Why should you take mock interviews?

Updated: May 18, 2020

Let's face it- none of us are born good at interviews. And the only way to get good at it is practice, practice and more practice. Now the question is how do you practice, after all, how effective is it to recite answers of possible questions to yourself alone? Or how effective is it to practice with your family members or friends?

This is where you need experts to step in with the only thing that'll help you ace that interview you've been waiting for- mock interviews.

The number one advantage of mock interviews is that they make you realize your shortcomings- maybe you weren't able to talk about your strengths fluently, maybe you had forgotten to revise a certain Economics concept or maybe you just get nervous speaking in a professional setting. But when you sit for a mock interview with an interviewer who has been through all of this before you will realize where you fall short and would receive feedback on how to get better as well. A few tips for a mock interview that you should keep in mind would be:

1. Take it seriously- Set up a professional atmosphere, wear formal clothes if you can and treat it like a real interview.

2. Choose your interviewer wisely- You would not have met the person who would be taking your real interview before and thus it should be the same with your mock interview. Try giving it to people who you don't know well to properly simulate the D-day experience. Also, ensure that the interviewer has proper knowledge about the course and university you're applying for.

3. Take ample feedback- Make sure you note down all the feedback points from the interviewer and follow up on those. 4. It's never too late for a mock- Even if you have an interview in 6 hours, a mock interview would still help you improve and instill a sense of confidence in you.

Just remember- practice makes perfect. All the best!


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