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  1. What does Preppie do?
    Preppie is a platform that helps students by arranging virtual mock interviews for admission into colleges such as–
    St. Stephen’s College
    Indian School of Business,
    CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
    Symbiosis International (Deemed University)

  2. What about other colleges/company interviews?
    Preppie has got you covered. If you have an interview from any other institution/company, we will arrange a virtual mock interview within the next 48 hours of you filling this form.

  3. What does a typical mock interview entail?
    While every interview experience is unique, Preppie’s interviewers will provide you with a simulation that will mimic the real interview. Our expert interviewers have cracked these interviews, guided scores of students to ace such interviews and some have even conducted these interviews themselves.

  4. How long is the interview?
    Generally, 30 minutes in total – 20 minutes interview, 5 minutes feedback and 5 minutes discussion and any other Q&A. However, for ISB interviews the timings may differ. The ISB 1-on-1 Mock Interview is 45 minutes in total - 30 minutes interview, 10 minutes feedback and 5 minutes discussion and any other Q&A. The ISB 2-on-1 Mock Interview is 60 minutes in total - 45 minutes interview, 10 minutes feedback and 5 minutes discussion and any other Q&A.

  5. Who are the interviewers?
    You will be interviewed by an alumnus of the school who has experience in guiding several students in cracking interviews. Some interviewers have conducted these interviews for their alma mater colleges. Check out our interviewers here.

  6. Can I pick my choice of the interviewer?
    Unfortunately, no. Just like how picking your real interviewer is left to chance, trust Preppie to map you to a vetted and credible interviewer.

  7. Does Preppie guarantee interview success?
    Preppie will do its best in preparing you for the interview. After our virtual mock interview, you will
    Know what kind of questions/situations to expect
    Be cognizant of your strengths and weaknesses as an interviewee
    Work on specific areas of improvements identified

  8. Why do I have to pay through UPI? Why are there no other payment interfaces?
    We are a toddler startup right now and are figuring out such nuances. Please bear with us for the time being. UPI is a secure and quick way to transfer money.

  9. What if I want a second interview?
    Once you sign up with Preppie, we are rooting for you. If your first interview goes well, the interviewer will gladly tell you that – “You are ready” and no second interview is required. In case there are areas that need to be improved and revisited, the interviewer will suggest a second interview.

    Either way, Preppie is here to support you.

How to register for the mock interview?



Select the college and course whose mock interview you would like to take


Simple Form

Fill a form that will take you no more than 30 seconds.



Check your inbox to complete UPI Payment 



Access your scheduled Mock Interview using the link provided via email.

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