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Programmes offered at ISB

Updated: May 11, 2020

ISB offers a lot of programs like the Post graduate programme in Management, Post graduate programme in Management for Working professionals, Post graduate programme in Management for Senior Executives, Fellow programme in Management, Post graduate programme in Management for Family business, Healthcare management programme and the list goes on. You can find the list of all the programmes here: ISB - programmes

I’m going to talk about the most coveted program i.e. the Post graduate programme in Management or the PGP and the various ways you can get into it. The PGP is basically what you would call an MBA programme, but instead of being a two year course, at ISB it is a one year programme. It is for mid career professionals who want to study Management. But ‘mid career professional’ does not mean college students or early career professionals can’t get an admit, I’m going to elaborate this further below. Depending on what stage of life you’re at, there are three ways you can get entry into the PGP:

  1. The Normal Way: For this you need at least 24 months of full time work experience, a Bachelor’s degree in any disciple and a valid GRE/GMAT score. See more: ISB - PGP admissions

  2. The Early Entry Option: For this option you still need to be a working professional and have all of the requirements mentioned above, but your work experience needs to be less than 24 months. If selected, you’ll be provided with a sure-shot deferred admission and you’ll be able to join ISB as soon as you gain 24 months of work experience. See more: ISB - Early Entry Option

  3. The Young Leaders Program (ISB-YLP): This is for high performing college students who are certain that the next step for them is an MBA. Final year and pre-final year undergraduate or postgraduate students can apply for this program. If selected, you’ll have to complete 20 months of work before you can join ISB. This is the option through which I secured an admit and I would be discussing it further in upcoming posts. See more: ISB - Young Leaders Programme


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